What: Invited guests will give a public lecture, which includes a Q & A portion. The lectures will be focused around a topic of the guest’s choice, but be closely related to the themes and topics of What Bodies Can Do.

Why: Each lecture welcomes people to learn and engage with the histories, theories, and concepts developed and inspired by the Neo-Concrete artists. Moreover, audience members will get exposed to the greater historical context and implications that inspires What Bodies Can Do.

Who: Professor Amor and Professor Lepecki will each hold public lectures. Each event is free and open to the public.



What: Invited guests will hold colloquiums to have less formal conversations organized around the chosen related themes and readings of the guest’s choice.

Why: The colloquium allows students to engage with the guest’s in a comfortable environment, as well as with one another. The colloquiums mimic the spirit of favoring the collective over the individual to de-hierarchize learning environments.

Who: Professor Amor and Professor Lepecki will each hold colloquiums. All UW-Madison students are invited to attend on a first come, first serve basis. Approximately 20 students will be allowed to attend, which should make for a personable environment.

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