The Visual Cultures Collective (VCC) is a registered student organization affiliated with the Center for Visual Cultures at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The VCC organizes events, invites speakers, and connects interested students across the university around the transdisciplinary field of visual cultures. Visual Culture Studies is an interdisciplinary approach to the interpretation of a wide range of visual and artistic practices from the point of view of their embeddedness in the social world.

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It is the purpose of the Visual Cultures Collective (VCC) to create leadership and career development opportunities around the transdisciplinary study of visual cultures for all UW-Madison students. Such initiatives may involve, but are not limited to, organizing educational events, holding workshops and colloquia, and coordinating group trips to important conferences and events in the field. The Visual Cultures Collective also functions as a platform for networking, developing partnerships, and fostering lasting professional relationships among students, faculty, and leading academics across the United States and around the World.


Diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of the Visual Cultures Collective. All UW-Madison students are welcome at VCC, and all individuals, regardless of race, color, age, class, national origin, citizenship and residency status, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), religion, disability, genetic information, marital status, political affiliation, status as a parent, will be treated with respect and dignity in this organization. As a student collective we recognize and appreciate the strengths afforded by differences in the styles, ideas, experiences, and organizational contributions of each person. We all must share the responsibility to ensure diversity and inclusion throughout all our initiatives. Any behavior and/or action that violate this clause will result in removal from the group.

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